How to update Sound Drivers in Windows PC?

  • Dec 13, 2022
  • admin

And if you wish to enable tabs in File Explorer on Windows 11, we have a handy guide for you. Finally, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below. If you want to have Download Here the best experience on Windows 11, you must have updated drivers for graphics, audio, Bluetooth, network adapters, etc. So in this tutorial, we explain in detail how to update the drivers on your Windows 11 computer. We have included the steps to update drivers through the built-in Device Manager, a third-party program, and dedicated websites of various laptop makers like Lenovo, Asus, Dell, and more.

  • As a result, customers may need to remove the current Audio Drivers on Windows 10 and install a new one, as they occasionally cannot hear anything.
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  • First time i unsinstalled only realtek sound drivers , but this time I also I uninstalled all of my sound drivers including the ones on the software component that was audio related.

In either case, you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Finally, you can download audio drivers directly through some services of Windows 11. The following will introduce some popular sound/audio drivers for different motherboards or different brands of computers. The previous solutions will be insufficient if no output devices are identified in Windows 11.

No audio device, can’t uninstall drivers

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If these services are disabled, then the audio device will not work, and you will notice an error with your Generic Audio Driver when using Windows 11. Reinstalling Realtek Audio Driver in your Windows OS is easy without any related problems. Follow the steps in the article above in pointer number 3 or 4 to know how you can install the driver with the help of the Run dialog box or Control Panel, respectively. You can go to the PC manufacturer’s page and then search for relevant drivers.

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Locate and double-click on the Sound, video, and game controllers option. Right-click on the Realtek Audio device and select Uninstall device from the context menu. Locate and double-click the Sound, video, and game controllers option.

Restoring Sound to Windows 10

Restart the system, your audio driver should be updated, and the sound should be working. Here are the 4 best ways to update sound drivers on Windows 10. As we are facing issues with the audio driver, we must look for the option labelled as “Sound, Video, and Game Controller” and click on it to expand it and reveal the listicles under it. Identify the software manufacturer of your sound card.